25-Year Technology Marketing Leader

I’m an expert B2B marketer who helps Tech companies grow revenue and increase market value by successfully launching products, capturing mindshare, building pipelines, boosting sales teams, and gaining loyal customers and advocates.  My work is award-winning, including "2018 Female Executive of the Year" from the American Business Association, and my approach is bold, creative, strategic, and results driven. Colleagues say my energy is contagious, my communication skills superb, and I’m a natural mentor/coach who challenges people to elevate their game while building a nurturing team culture.

Exceptional Strengths:

  • Strategic Go-to-Market Plans

  • Positioning & Messaging

  • Thought Leadership

  • Product Marketing

  • Demand Generation

  • Solution Selling & ABM

  • Customer Acquisition & Retention

  • Rapid, Measurable Execution

  • Technical Aptitude

  • Writing & Presentations

Carla Fitzgerald 2.jpg

Professional History:

A knack for storytelling set the course of my career.

In 1992, I was a Systems Engineer at Computer Associates (the largest independent software vendor in the world at the time), attending sales training in New York.  We were introducing a new product and the sales directors were being called up one at a time to give the elevator pitch.  It wasn’t going well. 

One of the Sales VPs asked me to demonstrate.  Rather than rattle off a bunch of features as the others had done, I told a story about a paranoid security administrator who couldn’t see a complete audit trail, was slowing down the business with manual procedures, and how our solution ultimately made him a hero. 

As luck would have it, the CEO (Charles Wang) happened to be watching from the back of the room.  He immediately walked to the front and told the group of about 80 sales leaders, “Do it JUST LIKE THAT.” 

Shortly after, I became Product Manager for the new product (Unicenter), and two years later, Charles promoted me to VP of Marketing for that $100M business unit.

A Passion for Tech…and Results

I’ve been a passionate Tech marketer ever since, working for companies of all stages and sizes: public and private; startup and global; software, hardware and in the cloud; selling to Enterprise, SMB and Consumer markets.

I love making complex technology easy to understand and compelling to buy, invest in, cover, and endorse.

I love helping technologists share their pride and passion with the world.

I love being a voice and evangelist for introverted, brilliant geeks.

And I love teaching passionate marketers to see through the customer’s eyes, to continuously ask WHY? and SO WHAT?, and to remember that we weren’t hired for clicks and likes, we were hired to grow the business.

Beyond the workplace

I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree, cum laude, from Claremont McKenna College, with a dual major in Economics and Computer Studies.

I volunteer with WHW, a non-profit group offering jobs skills and employment assistance, leading workshops on Resume Development, Mastering the Interview, and Personal Branding.

I’m a podcast and Audible junkie, and can’t get enough TED Talks.

My husband and I have three amazing (adult) kids and the cutest dog on the planet.

The youngest of seven kids, I’m an extreme extrovert (obviously), an Enneagram “7”, a True Colors “Orange”, a 16Personalities “Campaigner”, and a “Persuader” on The Predictive Index.  Basically, I can find the fun in any gathering.