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“Carla is an awesome marketer with boundless energy, creativity and enthusiasm. She put Bitfone on the map, out-marketing all of our competitors.”

                      Gene Wang, CEO, Bitfone

"Carla is the ultimate professional. Her strategic approach and experience are evident the moment you engage with her. Carla can quickly identify the gaps and propose solutions to address them with tangible ROI results."
Sandra Fraga, Global Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, SYSPRO

"Carla is a gifted executive that understands how to message highly technical solutions.”

                Dave Sperling, CTO, Smith Micro

"Carla's market expertise, strategic approach, and keen use of public relations tactics allowed us to effectively manage investor and customer expectations as we launched new brands and transitioned our business.  I'd highly recommend Carla to any tech CEO who needs a strong marketing partner, team leader and industry evangelist."                          Bill Smith, CEO, Smith Micro

“Carla is an outstanding marketing executive with superb communication skills, sound business judgment, and a decided creative flair.”

                 Jim Zierick, CEO, LogicalApps

"I love working with Carla! She embodies a combination of enthusiasm and passion, drive and experience that enabled her to create a world class marketing team and impact the business in virtually all aspects."

Dr. Reggie Brothers, CEO,

"Carla is a brilliant strategic marketing executive that brings unmatched positive energy to every situation while demonstrating an impressive balance between strategy and execution."

Jeff Dyer, President, Commercial Markets,

“Carla is an engaging senior leader, whose
passion for excellence shines through in everything she does. She is a visionary who understands how important it is to be ahead of the market.”                     Rita Parveneh, CFO, Spireon

"I rarely come across talent that stands out like Carla."

Rick Gruenhagen, CTO, Innovyze/Autodesk

“Carla’s aptitude for understanding the value of technical solutions, paired with her adeptness in positioning and solution-selling, make her a tremendous asset.  She outshines the dozens of CMOs I’ve worked with in my 20-year career in PR.”
   Katie Pierini, Founder, Nonfiction Public Relations Agency

“Carla is thoughtful, insightful, and brings key experience to the challenges of B2B tech marketing. Balancing metrics with creativity, I couldn’t have asked for more from a CMO."
                    Belinda Rueffer, Sr Director Of Marketing, Optym

“Carla is an energetic and creative marketing executive who knows how to motivate a team to produce tremendous results.”                   
Terri Avnaim, CMO, Sauce Labs

"Carla is the best mentor/coach I have ever had. Having the opportunity to learn from her has made a substantial change in my career."

Leah Evangelista, Sr. Manager, SYSPRO USA

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