A powerful B2B marketing program requires more than the digital marketing tactics offered by most agencies and contractors.  As a strategic marketing consultant, I apply 25 years of leadership and expertise to help you:

  • Develop a marketing strategy aligned to your business objectives

  • Articulate your company vision and value proposition in a clear and compelling way

  • Establish your category and position in the market with prospects, partners, media, and investors

  • Identify and target the right audiences with the right stakeholder messaging

  • Build the awareness, demand generation, sales enablement, and customer advocacy programs needed to achieve your revenue and retention goals

  • Establish a productive partnership between marketing, sales, and product teams

  • Ensure your marketing team has the skills, methods, and tools to measure performance and successfully execute the strategy



Marketing Program Audit 

Uncover gaps and opportunities in the areas of strategy, planning, campaign execution, messaging effectiveness, thought leadership, performance metrics, and budget allocation to maximize marketing ROI.  (Project-based, 60-90 days)

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Apply market analysis, B2B best practices, and creative ideas to build a marketing blueprint for your team that includes clear objectives, key initiatives to achieve business goals, campaign planning methodology, and KPIs to measure results. (Project-based, 30 – 60 days)

Marketing Team Evaluation and Recalibration

Assess skills, clarify roles, set performance goals, and define the growth plan to improve productivity and effectiveness today while preparing to scale for the future. (Project -based, 30 days)

Leadership Coaching and Development

Develop strategic thinking, leadership, planning, budgeting, performance measurement, and professional development skills within your team to elevate your marketing program and create a culture of excellence.  (Retainer-based)

Fractional CMO Support

On a project or retainer basis, I can provide expert guidance, detailed oversight, and executive leadership to help your team achieve strategic imperatives throughout the year, such as:

  • Launching, repositioning, or rebranding your company or product line into a new or existing category with the right message and impact

  • Developing a Thought Leadership program to elevate your executives and establish authority in the market

  • Building a lead generation engine to fill the sales pipeline, with full funnel visibility for measuring and improving conversion rates

  • Implementing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and strategic selling methods to “land and expand” within strategic accounts

  • Empowering your direct sales team and channel partners with a sales enablement program, including tools, training, and outreach campaigns, to convert prospects into buyers

  • Establishing a customer engagement strategy to drive adoption, loyalty, expansion, and advocacy


Contact me to discuss how I can help you with short-term needs or long-term growth opportunities.